Microsoft Stream

What is Microsoft Stream?

Every time my clients inquire from me for tips to store and organize videos in SharePoint, I can’t consider a far better solution than Microsoft Stream. With this post, I might wish to explain what Microsoft Stream is and the way you’ll use it to arrange the videos.

What is Microsoft Stream?

In simple terms, it’s your company’s internal video hub. consider it as your company’s own YouTube – an area to arrange, store, and share videos. Unlike YouTube, MS Stream is private to your organization and requires that the user login/authenticate into the hub using credentials.

Why use Microsoft Stream?

SharePoint Document library is a superb place for working docs, like Word, Excel, PDF, etc. it’s a superb place for collaboration, and that I documented the superior features of the SharePoint Document library within the past. However, with videos, the story is different.

  1. Videos are usually stored somewhere in order that they are often watched
  2. Those video files require video player capability first and foremost
  3. Moreover, video files are generally huge in size, and downloading them every single time over the network, therefore, the user can watch them, isn’t very efficient.

For an equivalent reason YouTube was invented, we now have Microsoft Stream. Click here to download.

Key Features of Microsoft Stream


Just like with YouTube, you can organize videos by channels. For example, you can have a Training Channel, Onboarding Channel, a channel for Safety & Compliance, etc.

Integration with SharePoint

The best part about Microsoft Stream is that it integrates with SharePoint Online! So, you’ll host your videos on a Microsoft Stream platform then embed them on a page in SharePoint. Yep, there’s an internet part for Stream! for instance, you’ll load all of your onboarding videos in MS Stream Channel then embed them on a SharePoint Human Resources page so new employees can view the videos right on the HR SharePoint page while browsing the location.

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Once you add the online part to the SharePoint page, you’ll specify whether you would like to embed a selected video, a specific channel, or all of Stream.

The stream has some amazing and unique other features also, so in future posts, I will be able to attempt to highlight and obtain you conversant in those also. Microsoft also has some good resources on the tool also.