Microsoft PowerPoint

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is the hottest presentation software. You will find it everywhere from Fortune 500 boardrooms to school classrooms. PowerPoint may be a part of Microsoft Office, which also includes apps like Excel and Microsoft Word.

PowerPoint started as a Mac-only app in 1987 and was quickly acquired by Microsoft to assist bolster the Office software package.

It quickly gained an edge within the work world as a simple thanks to putting together a slide deck with supporting points.

PowerPoint is that the market leader, but its widespread usage is quite simply a habit. Competitors like Apple’s Keynote and Google’s Slides have improved to challenge PowerPoint, but Microsoft has responded with updates of its own to take care of its leadership.

The Many Types of PowerPoint PPT Presentations Can You Make

What is PowerPoint? you would possibly realize it because of the presentation tool that your professors or business colleagues use to point out their information. But the truth is that PowerPoint is employed to create all types of presentations. Let’s check out examples that run the gamut.

One common Microsoft PowerPoint presentation type that you simply might want to create in PowerPoint may be a pitch deck, a special presentation that a lot of startups and entrepreneurs use to garner support. Jump to the link below to find out the way to start using PowerPoint for pitch decks.

Click here to download.

Another common Microsoft PowerPoint presentation type is slideshow. These could span many sorts of content, but if you’re planning a presentation for your big day, the instance below is worth finding out. Because of smooth transitions and animations, it’s a perfect choice.

Finally, another important example of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is to elucidate complex concepts. That’s made much easier because of infographics, the sweet spot between showing information and using graphics to try to so. Use the instance below to urge inspiration.

What Microsoft PowerPoint Version Should You Use?

Microsoft’s business model has changed impressively in recent years. Rather than buying the newest version of Microsoft Office, they now heavily promote Office 365. this is often basically a subscription to use all of the Office apps, including PowerPoint.

The advantage of Office 365 is that you’re going to always have the foremost up-to-date version of the whole suite of apps.

In fact, Microsoft is consistently updating its Office apps, and therefore the Office 365 version even includes features that you simply won’t find within the perpetual license version.

For Home users, there are really three unique packages to settle on from:

  • Office 365 Home. If you’re purchasing Office for your household, this package may be a great choice. It includes five licenses that you simply can use on your account and is ideal for families.
  • Office 365 Personal. this is often the smallest amount expensive version of Office and includes only one license to use.
  • Office Home & Student 2016. this is often most almost like the normal “buy and own” model of Microsoft Office. You’ll pay a one-time pity Office and have it to use indefinitely but won’t be ready to access upgrades as Microsoft releases them.

Office 365 subscriptions also include 1 TB (terabyte) of space for storing in OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage app. Going with an Office 365 subscription is that the least expensive thanks to getting access to PowerPoint.

One other key advantage of Office 365 is that it enables additional features on mobile apps for iOS and Android. You’ll view and edit documents for free of charge without a subscription, but Office 365 unlocks the complete power of the mobile apps.