Microsoft Azure products and services

Compute: These Services allow an individual to set up and manage VMs, containers, and batch tasks, in addition, to supporting remote program access. Compute resources generated inside the Azure cloud may be configured using public IP addresses or private IP addresses, based on whether the source has to be available to the external world.

Mobile: These Products help programmers build cloud software for mobile devices, providing notification solutions, support for backend jobs, tools for construction software programming interfaces (APIs), and also the capacity to couple geospatial circumstances with information.

Storage: This Class of services provides scalable cloud storage for both unstructured and structured information.

Analytics: These Services provide spread storage and analytics, in addition to attributes for real-time analytics, large data analytics, information lakes, and machine learning (ML), business intelligence (BI), net of items (IoT) data flows, and data warehousing.

Networking: This Group comprises virtual And network security against dispersed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Web: These Services encourage the development and deployment of web applications.

Media and content delivery network (CDN): All these CDN providers consist of on-demand streaming, electronic rights protection, encoding, and media indexing and playback.

Integration: These Are solutions for server backup, website retrieval, and linking personal and public clouds.

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Identity: These Offerings ensure only authorized users may get Azure providers and help safeguard security keys and other sensitive data in the cloud.

Internet of things: These Providers assist users to capture, track and examine IoT information from detectors and other apparatus. Services include alarms, analytics, observation, and service for coding and implementation.

DevOps: The team offers job and collaboration applications, for example, Azure DevOps — previously Visual Studio Team Services — which ease DevOps program development procedures. In addition, it provides features for program diagnostics, DevOps instrument integrations, and evaluation labs for construct experimentation and tests.

Development: These Services help program developers talk about code, test software, and monitor Possible troubles. Azure supports a Selection of software programming languages, Tools in this class too.

Security: These Products provide capacities to recognize and react to cloud safety Threats, in addition, to handle encryption keys as well as other resources that are sensitive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine learning (ML).

Containers: These Services assist businesses to produce, register, orchestrate, and manage massive quantities of containers at the Azure cloud, utilizing shared platforms like Docker and Kubernetes.

Databases: This Azure SQL is your system’s flagship database services.

Migration: This package of tools helps a company estimate workload migration Expenses Management and governance. These Services offer a variety of backup, retrieval, compliance, automation, scheduling, and tracking tools which may enable a cloud administrator to handle an Azure setup. These Services are intended to help developers produce articles for their own Windows

Blockchain: The Azure Blockchain Service permits you to combine a blockchain consortium or to make your own.

Intune: Microsoft Intune may be utilized to register user apparatus, thus making it Potential to drive security policies and cellular programs to all those devices. Mobile Apps may be deployed either into groups of consumers or into a selection of apparatus. Intune also provides tools for monitoring which programs have been used. A distant Wipe attribute permits the company’s information to be securely Removed from devices without eliminating an individual’s mobile programs in the procedure.

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