Microsoft Office Functions, Know the Kinds & Types

The function of Microsoft Office is certainly quite important to support various work related to multimedia. In today’s era, almost all office work requires Microsoft Office programs in its completion.

Microsoft office itself is a software application that is used to process, store, and combine data in the form of documents. The data that can be processed are digital data in the form of letters, pictures and numbers.

This software has a special role in the office sector. Matters related to office data will be processed and stored briefly and in detail in Microsoft Office. So, what are the functions of Microsoft Office according to its kind? Here’s the full review.

Types of Microsoft Office and its Functions

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most used software in Ms. Office. This device is still at the top of the word processing program that is often used on computers and laptops.

As the name suggests, Microsoft Word has the main function as a word processor. However, Microsoft Word can also perform other activities such as counting and even correcting incorrect words.

The excellent features of Microsoft Word itself include autocorrect, mailmerge, autopage index, auto formatting, HTML editor, and booklet layout.

Microsoft Excel

Similar to Microsoft Word, Excel is also a software package that is quite specific in processing data. However, Microsoft Excel is mostly used to process data in the form of text and numbers. The display that excel has is in the form of sheets that have been given tables, making it easier for users to group data.

In addition to processing small numbers, Excel can also calculate large amounts without worrying about miscalculations. This is because excel is designed in such a way as to resemble a calculator. Not only that, Microsoft Excel is also widely used to manage income and expenses or compile member data.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Office Power Point is the most suitable device for presentation needs. This tool can help create presentation sheets and be illustrated through any media, such as text, animation, video, and even images.

Its use can create attractive presentation sheets in this software. The display in this device is a series of pages that can be synchronized with other pages using hyperlinks.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft office access is office software that plays a role in processing databases. This means that data that is processed using office access can be interconnected, because the database is the center for gathering separate data.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is a personal information manager program from Microsoft, and part of Microsoft Office. This device functions to manage personal information used to send and read electronic mail (e-mail). Outlook also has functions such as taking notes, journals, schedules, and calendars.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an office application that functions like a notepad. Not only can write, but also draw, insert objects, and so on.

Unlike Microsoft Word, in OneNote you can write and put anything where you want. This will give you the impression of writing notes on plain paper.

Microsoft Front Page

Microsoft FrontPage is an html editor application program and as a website administration tool.

In FrontPage one of the famous features is the automated Web Templates. Front Page is able to display data structures and facilitate website navigation, and is easy to use.

In addition, this application is also able to display data created by other Microsoft office.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher is one of the tools included in Microsoft Office. This application is used for desktop publishing activities, such as newspapers, magazines, posters, wall magazines, and calendars.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Office Visio is an application used to create Flowchart diagrams and some network schematics. This application also uses the vector graphics feature so that it is easier for users to use it.

Microsoft InfoPath

Microsoft Office InfoPath is an Office application that functions for the development of XML-based data forms, such as designing, distributing, filling out and submitting electronic forms that contain structured data.

Once developed, InfoPath offers features for creating and viewing XML documents with support for self-defined XML schemas.

How to Install MS Office on Windows

Microsoft Office has been our ally for the past numerous years since the thriving of the business area occurred. It acts as a hero when we need to do an assortment of expert undertakings. A wide scope of Office applications can be found in various Office efficiency suites named Microsoft 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and some more. There are items for the home just as business and these can be effortlessly conveyed with the assistance of the MS Office item key. When you choose to buy the Office set-up of your decision, it gets simpler for you to send the item on your gadget. Along these lines, we should walk you through the total bit by bit methodology.

How to download MS Office on windows

Most people prefer to purchase Microsoft Office online rather than going to the retailer’s shop. Below mentioned steps will guide you to download Microsoft Office easily and quickly.

  1. First of all switch on your computer and make sure that your computer is connected to the internet.
  2. Then type in the search bar.
  3. To download Microsoft Office you need to have a Microsoft account. If you already have an existing account then you can simply sign in by using your Email Id and password. If you are a new user then you need to sign up and create a new account.
  4. After successful login, you need to enter the  Microsoft Office Product key. Then you will see the list of all the Microsoft Office products.
  5. While choosing any product, read the license, and agreement carefully.
  6. Now you can click on the download icon and follow On-Screen instructions.

How to Install MS Office on windows

  1. Visit Open your browser and go to and select the Office product you wish to install.
  2. Login to your Microsoft Office Account: Sign In to your Microsoft account to complete the purchase and set up Microsoft office.
  3. Find and enter your Microsoft Office Product Key: Find the Product key of your Microsoft Office in your email, and if you purchase it offline then find it on the box. Now you can enter the product key and select your country and language you want.
  4. Install Office: After you have entered all the information, you can start installing MS Office by clicking on the install icon. Now run the setup file on your computer system The installation process will now begin. Wait for the installation process to get completed.
  5. Open and Run Microsoft office Applications on your computer system: After the installation is completed, Microsoft Office is now activated and you can use it either for personal use or professional use.

The need for Product Key

The Product key is an extraordinary alphanumeric code of any length that is needed during the establishment of numerous product programs. It guarantees the duplicate of the program is unique. Numerous products including some working frameworks and projects from the most famous programming creators require item keys. It resembles a secret key for a program. The secret phrase is giving while at the same time purchasing the product and just be utilized with a particular application. Microsoft office keys are regularly situated on the item key sticker. Due to the Product key, the product distributor utilizes extra item actuation techniques to check that keys are both legitimate. On the off chance that the key is invalid, at that point the worker can deactivate changing programming introducing invalid keys.

Step by step instructions to enter the item key for Microsoft office setup

Numerous individuals are confronting trouble in how to enter the setup item key while introducing the Microsoft office application unexpectedly.

Here is a portion of the means of how to enter the item key to setup Microsoft Office on the web.

First Click on the connection

Case 1: Already have a Microsoft Office account

  1. On the off chance that you as of now have a Microsoft Office account, at that point click on the sign-in alternative and sign in with your enlisted Microsoft certifications.
  2. Enter the item key from Microsoft Office, set up an establishment unit
  3. Snap-on the Next catch
  4. You will be on the last advance where you can get Microsoft Office on the web.

Case 2: You don’t have a Microsoft Office account

  1. Snap-on the catch that shows make a Microsoft Office account
  2. Enter the full subtleties i.e Full name, last name, email address, and so forth, and afterward click on the Next catch
  3. At that point, you will get a checking email on your enlisted email id, which needs to click for the affirmation of the record
  4. When the Microsoft Office account is made, at that point go to
  5. Sign in with your recently made Microsoft office account.
  6. Type in the item key accurately.
  7. Snap-on the following
  8. You will be on the last advance where you can get Microsoft Office on the web.

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