– Office Setup Product Key –

Microsoft Office is produced in several versions focusing on different end-users and computing environments. The first and most generally used version is the desktop version, available for PCs running the Windows and macOS operating systems. Microsoft also provides mobile apps for Android and iOS. MS Office also provides a service for Office on the web to use Office within the internet browser.

How to install office 2019 on your PC

  • Go to and if you are not already signed in, choose sign in.
  • Sign in with the account related to the version of office you require. This account will be a Microsoft account, or a work or school account.
  • After signing in, follow the steps that match the kind of account you signed in with.
  • From the office home page choose Install office.
  • Select Install (or counting on your version, Install Office).
  • This completes the download of the office to your device. To finish the installation, click on the “Install Office” section below.

      Install Office 2019

  • Depending on your browser, choose Run (in Edge or net Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

        Note: If you see the User Account management prompt that says, do you want to allow this app to create changes to your device? Choose Yes.

  • Your install is finished once you see the phrase, “You’re all set! workplace is put in now” associated with an animation play to point out you wherever to seek out workplace applications on your pc. choose shut.

How to activate MS Office Online

office setup

To install Office setup on your PC you need a 25-digit activation key. You will receive your activation key once you have purchased your Microsoft Office subscription from Once you receive your office activation key by means of the email you are then ready to go for downloading MS Office Setup from In case you have purchased your MS Office subscription from the offline store instead of an online store your activation key will be at the base of your retail card.

Microsoft Office in COVID19

As the world responds to the happening of COVID-19, our thoughts are with the individuals affected and therefore the medical professionals operating round the clock to assist those most in would like. At Microsoft, we’re operating to try and do our half by guaranteeing the protection of our workers, pains to guard the health and we tend toll-being of the communities during which we operate, and providing technology, tips, and resources to our customers to assist them to do their best work whereas remote.
Microsoft Teams ensures a modern workplace. Work independently of time and space – work from home, stay productive with your colleagues, and – above all – healthy.

How to Install Office Setup on Mac


  • Sign in to Office 365 at using your full UO email address and password.
  • Press the Install Now button to start the download. Note that the download may take a while to complete, as the download file size is large.
  • When the Office 365 installer is fully downloaded it will be located in the Downloads folder.
  • Double-click the Microsoft Office download file. An installation package window will open.
  • Click the Continue button to proceed. Click Continue again after looking through the Software License Agreement.
  • To move forward you will need to Agree to the license agreement, by clicking the Agree button.
  • Select the destination for the install. Typically, this will be titled, Macintosh. Click Continue to proceed.
  • Press Install to begin. “You will need to enter an administrative name and password to allow the installation.” It may take a few minutes to write the files.
  • Once it is finished writing the files, click Close to finish.
  • You should now be able to open and use the new Microsoft suite.

What is Microsoft office 365 home?

 The MS Office 365 is also a comprehensive package of office productivity apps that has downloaded apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access which is able to run on your desktop, laptop, or mobile versions that area unit applied on the tablets and phones. However, with the online subscription-based, you may use the apps, access the remote knowledge, collaborate the files, then exchange the information.

Some notable features of Office 365

Here are a number of the primary features of an Office 365 subscription: –

  • You can link files despite attaching the files.
  • You will get automatic image suggestions from Bing.
  • A self-de-cluttering inbox option is out there.
  • Easy to show Notes to calendars
  • You turn data into the Map.
  • Switch between the private and business accounts
  • Easy to convert the scribbles in texts and drawings.
  • Better graphs, charts, and pivot tables.
  • Add email signatures
  • Automated reformatting of knowledge in Excel sheet.
  • Easy-to-do PDF editing
  • You can use the mouse as a Laser pointer.
  • You can ignore to reply-all conversations.

Why MS Office is Widely Famous?

Office setup is Widely Famous due to the multiple usages within your lifetime, while its occupation, dwelling, educational institutions Microsoft products encounter anyplace. The office might be actually the rationale for the success of Microsoft and was helping palms for every single marketplace to affect their data that’s important.

This comprises many programs: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. you will find a variety of legitimate reasons that warrant why one must know Microsoft Office. Office was this sort of victory for way too long as 90% of company pros depend on this. Office features an enormous think about Microsoft’s victory and benefit. the reality is that office might be only one reason why Gates remains amongst the wealthiest men on earth but that’s only a small portion of this. Even Now, Office is additionally a Fundamental instrument to every business for far more significant motives.


A product key is a 25 digit character code that you will receive after purchasing your subscription from The product key will allow you to install and activate your Office product.

Office setup product key can be found in different locations depending upon how you have purchased your subscription:

  • If you have purchased Office from an offline store with a disc pack, your product key should be located inside the box on a label located opposite the disc holder on the left side of the DVD case.
  • If the product key is not inside of the package, look for the instructions on the package.
  • If you have downloaded and purchased Office Setup online, you will receive your product key on the confirmation page or you will receive it on an email that you have provided at the time of registration.

We advocate that you simply transfer the file to your Desktop, therefore it’s straightforward to seek out to initiate the installation. you’ll be able to transfer the file anyplace you prefer, simply confirm that you simply bear in mind the placement wherever you saved it, and therefore the name of the file. don’t rename the file that you simply square measure downloading; it’s going to cause installation issues.